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Looking into the Future: Without Fear or Favor

Like many industries, healthcare is riddled with group think and “trends” that don’t materialize. Billions of dollars and, more important, irreplaceably scarce professional and managerial time and effort are wasted chasing opportunities that are really not opportunities at all. Jeff Goldsmith is a powerful antidote to group think. No-one can predict the future with unerring accuracy. But with more than thirty years of experience spanning all the major sectors of the health field, Jeff can help sort the trivial from the significant, and explain in English where the real opportunities and challenges lie- without fear or favor.

Jeff Goldsmith

Health Futures was founded in 1982 by Jeff Goldsmith. Jeff Goldsmith is one of the nation's foremost health industry analysts, specializing in corporate strategy, trend analysis, health policy and emerging technologies. He has worked across the health system- hospitals, health plans, physician groups, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health manufacturing and distribution sectors- advising senior management and Boards. Health Futures also helps guide venture and private equity investment in emerging technologies. Jeff Goldsmith writes and lectures actively on health policy, financing and technology, both in the United States and overseas. You can find an active archive of his writings and topics in this site.

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The Price of Weakness

Russian elite special forces have seized police stations and city halls all across Eastern Ukraine, while 40 thousand Russian regular troops, with tanks and attack helicopters, mass on the Ukrainian border.  

Following exactly the same script as the one used to seize Crimea, Russia is plainly preparing to annex large parts of a neighbor, using the pretext of protecting Russian speaking residents from a “fascist   Ukrainian government” backed by the West.  A Russian warplane buzzed a US Destroyer in the Black Sea for ninety minutes, daring it to shoot him down.

President Obama has told Russian President Vladimir Putin that “there is still time for a diplomatic settlement”, as if there is any reason to seek one.  And his fearsome press secretary Jay Carney, who looks like a kindergarten teacher in his ill fitting suit and oversized glasses,  warns that “there will be costs” if Russia continues its actions.  

Another red line, perhaps?  Like the one Syria crossed when it gassed its own people (and did so again by dropping chlorine gas on innocent civilians just this weekend?)

Russia had taken Obama’s measure, and is convinced that  he is afraid to act.  Our European allies are much more concerned with their business relationships with Russian oligarchs and their supplies of natural gas than with naked aggression against a neighboring sovereign state.  

 If I were the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, I’d be practicing up on my Russian…

Date: 04.15.14   Time: 04:25 AM

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Jeff Goldsmith has introduced The Health Reform Chronicles to help you find his blog postings on Healthcare Reform.