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Coming Soon! The Fate of the Baby Boom Revealed!

For the past two and a half years, Mr. Goldsmith has been researching how the aging of the baby boom generation will affect American society. This investigation has been completed, and sometime in 2007, Mr. Goldsmith will publish The Fate of the Baby Boom: A Contrarian Look at the Next Twenty Years. The conventional wisdom that baby boomers will be a huge albatross around the society's neck is wrong. Baby boomers not only do not plan on retiring en masse at age 65, but American society would experience crippling shortages of skilled workers if they did. This contrarian, and optimistic, book explores the plans, attitudes and resource position of baby boomers, and outlines a pro-work, health improving social policy that fits their values and plans. 

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Two New Articles on Hospital Strategy

In the next two months, Mr. Goldsmith publishes two important articles on hospitals. One article, entitled "Baby Boomers and the Health System: It's the Workforce, Stupid" will appear in American Hospital Association's Futurescan. This article suggests that long before baby boomers push up the demand for hospital services, baby boom care givers, technicians and managers will have found less stressful career options, leaving a gaping hole in the hospital workforce. Coping with the looming shortage of talent in the high stress/high pressure parts of the health system will dwarf other strategic challenges hospitals face in the next decade. The article suggests four strategies for coping with this looming problem.

The second article, "Hospitals and Physicians: Not a Pretty Picture", appeared December 5, 2006 in the online edition of Health Affairs, as a commentary on a review of the changing hospital/physician relationship from Paul Ginsburg of Washington's Center for Studying Health System Change, based upon their ongoing twelve community survey. Mr. Goldsmith explores the rapid deterioration in hospital/physician relationships, and discusses the policy implications, particularly for Medicare fraud and abuse and the future of the tax exemption for non-profit hospitals. The article suggests that energy and money spent "leveling the playing field" between hospitals and physicians could better be spent closing the huge gap in coverage that left almost 47 million Americans without health insurance in 2006. Links to both of these articles may be found in the Writing Section of this Website.

Goldsmith participates in Global Business Network

Global Business Network, a Monitor Company, is the foremost scenario planning resource for corporate strategic planning in the world. In November, Mr. Goldsmith participated in two scenario planning workshops sponsored by GBN- for the international pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly and for Cleveland's Council of Small Enterprises, which provides services for the area's small businesses. GBN's website is: www.gbn.com.

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