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Digital Medicine

Now Available FREE!

Jeff Goldsmith's Digital Medicine: Implications for Healthcare Leaders is now available FREE for downloading on this website. Digital Medicine explores the rapid development of healthcare information technology, and how it will affect physicians, hospitals, consumers and health plans. It surveys the technologies themselves, as well as the barriers to adoption, and implications for government policymakers. Until recently, this book sold for almost $50 a copy, but now you can view and own it free.

Johns Hopkins University Press will Publish Jeff Goldsmith's book on Fate of Baby Boom

In the spring of 2008, Johns Hopkins University Press will publish Jeff Goldsmith's new book on the Fate of the Baby Boom. This book looks ahead twenty years at the the trajectory of this controversial generation, and what society (and baby boomers themselves) need to do to prepare for the next phase of their lives. The book examines the likely impact of baby boomers on the workforce, their families, and the health system, and proposes innovative solutions to restructuring Medicare and Social Security to accommodate them. Keep your eyes peeled for further details!

Digital Medicine

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