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Healthcare and 2008 Election

Jeff Goldsmith participates in NPR Panel on Healthcare and the 2008 Election.  On November 11, 2007, Jeff Goldsmith joined a panel of experts to discuss healthcare issues in the 2008 Presidential Election for NPR Trustees and major donors in Washington, D.C. Moderated by All Things Considered host Robert Siegel, the panel also included Julie Rovner, NPR's award winning Washington health policy correspondent and Michael Cannon, Director of Health Policy for the Cato Institute. The panel explored the role of health issues in the forthcoming Presidential campaign, the positions taken thus far by the major candidates, and the prospects for federal action after the election.

Goldsmith's Blogs on Health Policy

This fall, Jeff Goldsmith contributed in blogs on health policy for Health Affairs and the Health Care Blog (founded by Matthew Holt). On September 13, Mr. Goldsmith posted a blog on Health Affairs blog on the politics of the 47 million uninsured and the thus far futile effort to extend coverage to them entitled "47 Million Hostages: Our Dysfunctional Health Policy Process".

Over on the Health Care Blog, Mr. Goldsmith published two blog entries: "Employers' Health Cost Growth Continues to Moderate: Ain't It Awful?" on September 25 and "The Perpetual Healthcare Crisis" on October 3, the most commented upon entry in the blog for 2007.

Hillman and Goldsmith's book "The Sorcerer's Apprentice: How Imaging is Changing Medical Practice" will be published in 2010 by Oxford University Press.

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