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Jeff Goldsmith and 2008 Presidential Campaign/Health Reform

Jeff Goldsmith commented on the fading prospects for health reform in 2009, as well as the implications of the unexpected drop in the number of uninsured Americans and what it means for the Presidential candidates' health platforms. See "Health Reform Prospects Fade as Presidential Campaign Enters Homestretch" and "The Temporary(?) Decline in the Number of Uninsured" . Mr. Goldsmith also was interviewed by NPR's Julie Rovner on the financing of the Obama health reform proposals on Morning Edition on September 30. Listen to the segment "What Does Obama's Health Plan Really Cost?"

Jeff Goldsmith and Bruce Hillman to Publish Book on Imaging and the Future of Medical Practice

Jeff Goldsmith and Bruce Hillman have signed a contract with Oxford University Press to publish a book on imaging and radiological sciences and the future of medical practice in November, 2010. The book will be entitled: "The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Imaging and the Future of Medical Practice". It will explore the fundamentally disruptive impact both of diagnostic imaging and the emergence of interventional radiology on medical practice, as well as look ahead to emerging technologies such as molecular imaging and MR guided focused ultrasound and how they will affect medicine. Bruce Hillman is Editor-in-Chief of the "Journal of the American College of Raidology" and former Chair of Radiology at the University of Virginia. For a discussion of some of the issues to be explored in this book, see Jeff Goldsmith's Interview with Radiology Business Journal Radiology's Next Big Policy Fight"

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