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Active Commentary on the New Administration's Emerging Health Policy

On April 9, 2009 Health Affairs posted a new Jeff Goldsmith blog entry on the missing Obama financing plan for health reform: "Health Reform: Show Us the Money!". Mr. Goldsmith's post-election Health Affairs blog posting "Obama's Health Policy Options: Three Scenarios" (Nov. 5, 2008) was the most read blog posting on the Health Affairs site for 2008. Mr. Goldsmith also posted blogs on Health Affairs profiling the new Administration's major healthcare actors. They include Thomas Daschle "Daschle: What Can We Expect from the Health Czar in Waiting" Dec. 15, 2008 and "Orszag: A Powerful New Voice in Health Policy Takes Command at OMB" on February 9, 2009.

Jeff Goldsmith Joins Board of onFocus Healthcare

Jeff Goldsmith has joined the Board of Directors of onFocus Healthcare a Nashville based company that provides enterprise performance management (EPM) software to healthcare organizations. OnFocus? provides on a "software as a service" basis a suite of management tools which enable top executives to track continuously the progress of their organization and direct reports on key management goals and metrics on a special custom website, updated automatically. The Chairman of onFocus is Ron Galbraith, Ph.D. and CEO is Steven Mason, Jr.

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