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Physicians Foundation Releases Goldsmith Report on Future of Medical Practice

In July, the Physicians Foundation released a comprehensive report on the Future of Medical Practice prepared by Jeff Goldsmith.

The report forecasts a mass retirement of baby boom physicians coinciding with the increase in health coverage from the 2010 health reforms, and the enrollment of the baby boom generation in the Medicare program, leading to a significant shortage of practicing physicians. It also forecast trouble for the recent surge in hospital employment of physicians, citing evidence of massive economic losses and potential threats to hospital bond ratings. The report recommends a variety of measures for strengthening medical practice including physicians developing stronger partnerships with health plans, modernizing and strengthening management of medical practice, achieving scale in group practice, and a variety of policy measures that will reduce physicians’ overhead, and increase the time they have to spend with patients. This report can be found at: Physicians Foundation.

Goldsmith Weighs in on Supreme Court Decision on Health Reform

On June 28, Jeff Goldsmith conducted a webinar for the Eliza Corporation on the implications of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act. This webinar examined the effect on the health insurance industry of the decision upholding the individual mandate, but also the surprise decision rendering the large expansion of Medicaid enrollment “optional” for states. See this webinar at http://thehealthcareblog.com/blog/2012/06/30/jeff-goldsmith-on-whats-next-post-scotus/. He also posted his analysis of the Medicaid decision, which badly damaged health reform’s coverage expansion (reducing it by as much as one-third) on The Health Care Blog. Mr. Goldsmith was also cited in a New York Times article on the Medicaid expansion and was interviewed in a National Public Radio analysis of the issue.

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