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Physician Payment Policy Blueprint

In May, the Physician’s Foundation posted a Blueprint for a More Effective, Physician Directed Health System written by Jeff Goldsmith. This policy paper proposes significant changes in fee-for-service payment models for Medicare and private insurance.

Central to the Blueprint is a proposal that primary care and some specialty physicians be paid on a “relationship” basis by patients and health plans, rather than a fee for each visit or service provided. Relationships should be diverse in content and fitted to the the patient’s circumstances, clinical risks, needs and preferences. These relationships are the “business end” of any system of population health.

For complex illnesses requiring clinical intervention, physicians and other members of the care team would be paid a single, severity adjusted payment for a “complete clinical solution”, rather than dozens of separate fee payments. The purpose of these new models is to improve physician patient communication, increase accountability for results and lower costs and simplifying payment transactions, reducing physician, hospital and insurer overhead.

Health Reform Chronicles

This new section of Health Futures website contains links to nearly all of Jeff Goldsmith’s blog postings since late 2007 on health policy, health economics and health system change in Health Affairs and The Health Care Blog. These writings are listed chronologically with brief thumbnails describing their contents. The principal focus of this new section is the contentious health reform debate leading to the passage of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, known to many as ObamaCare. These blogs discuss the myriad complexities of health reform, and contain numerous forecasts of consequences of this complex legislation for many sectors of the US health system, particularly hospitals, physicians and health plans,a s well as for the US economy and federal budget. Please visit: Health Reform Chronicles

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