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Jeff Goldsmith Joins Advisory Board to Burrill and Company

In September, 2000, Jeff Goldsmith joined the Advisory Board of the Burrill Biotechnology Capital Fund. This Fund is the principal venture arm of Burrill and Company, a private merchant bank to the biotechnology industry based in San Francisco, California. Mr. Burrill was the longtime biotechnology industry specialist for Ernst and Young, and is the founder of the Biotech Meeting, an annual gathering of biotech industry CEO's in Laguna Niguel, California. The Advisory Board helps Burrill and Company set investment policy for its venture investments in the biotechnology field, as well as reviewing potential venture investments in promising biotech firms. The Fund is scheduled to close on its initial financing round of $250 million in December, 2000.

The Internet and Health Care: New Articles and New Ideas

During 2000, Jeff Goldsmith published two articles in the prestigious health policy journal, Health Affairs on the impact of the Internet on the health system. In the January/February issue of Health Affairs, the article "How will the Internet Change Our Health System", Jeff Goldsmith reviewed the state of progress in adapting network computing applications to use by consumers, hospitals, physicians and health plans. In the November/December issue, in "The Internet and Managed Care: A New Wave of Innovation", Jeff Goldsmith examined how health plans were incorporating network computing applications into their business plans and operations, and whether health plans may be bypassed in the future by alternative, Internet-enabled providers of health benefits solutions. Both of these articles may be downloaded from the Writings section of this site, or accessed through Health Affairs site.

In January, 2001, Jeff Goldsmith published a strategy piece for hospital executives entitled "How Hospitals Should be Using the Internet".

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