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Harvard Business Review publishes Jeff Goldsmith article on "The New Health Cost Crisis"

In the November/December 2000 issue, Jeff Goldsmith argues that employers are directly responsible for the current explosion in health insurance premiums, and outlines what steps they need to take to bring costs under control. By opting for managed care products with no "management" in them, piling on pharmaceutical benefits (and being shocked that employees use them), by letting employees' share of costs to fall and by failing to defend the need for cost containment politically, "[business] leaders are reaping what they've sown, a new and untimely round of cost inflation". Goldsmith advises businesses to:

  1. select high value health plans that spend more of their premium dollar on medical care
  2. help employees find providers who make fewer medical errors
  3. increase employee health cost sharing
  4. move to a defined contribution, and away from a defined benefit, approach to health coverage
This is Mr. Goldsmith's sixth article in the Harvard Business Review. See: www.hbsp.harvard.edu

Interview with David Lawrence, CEO of Kaiser Permanente Health Plans

Look for Jeff Goldsmith's interview with the retiring CEO of Kaiser in the January/February issue of Health Affairs. This interview, conducted in mid-November at Kaiser's Oakland headquarters, covered the present and future of managed care, Kaiser's turnaround strategy, its new emphasis on consumer and physician directed information technology, and the continuing challenges of managing large physician organizations.

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