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Digital Medicine to be Published by Health Administration Press

Health Administration Press has agreed to publish Jeff Goldsmith's new book Digital Medicine. Digital Medicine looks forward a decade and forecasts how advances in information technology will transform the American health system, and how physicians, health executives, Board members and investors can assist in making that transformation a reality. The book is written in English, not techspeak, and addresses not only the technologies themselves but the numerous barriers to implementing them successfully.

Health Administration Press is a Division of the American College of Healthcare Executives, the professional society of healthcare executives. Publication is tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2003. The book will be previewed in Mr. Goldsmith's keynote address to the Congress on Administration of the College in Chicago in March, 2003.

Goldsmith to Lecture at Wharton School of Univ. of Pennsylvania

In the winter term of 2003, Jeff Goldsmith will be a Lecturer at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He will co-teach a course entitled "E-Health: Strategies and Business Models" with Assistant Professor Sean Nicholson in Wharton's MBA program. The course segments covered will include: clinical information systems, remote medicine, and genomics. They will include demonstrations of innovative products and business models in E-health.

Goldsmith Explores Hospital Capital Needs

In a new article in the October issue of Trustee magazine, "The Capital Conundrum", Jeff Goldsmith discusses how hospital and health system trustees should respond to the rapidly escalating demand for capital in their institutions. Hospitals are experiencing significant new demand, and many need to replace or expand their bed capacity to cope with new demand. At the same time, most hospitals need to digitize their clinical and financial management systems, which is both costly and highly complex. How should trustees and management allocate their capital between physical plant and information technology? This article provides some common sense questions trustees should ask about how to invest their scarce resources.

Goldsmith interviews Governor John Kitzhaber on Health Reform

In the January/February issue of Health Affairs, Jeff Goldsmith interviews Oregon's retiring Governor John Kitzhaber on the health policy challenges facing the country in the next several years. Kitzhaber, an emergency physician by training, was the architect of Oregon's controversial Oregon Health Plan, which significantly expanded coverage to Oregon's uninsured population by setting priorities on services to be provided its members. Kitzhaber is blunt and hopeful that the current deadlock in health reform can be broken by thoughtful dialog with citizens about health priorities and unmet needs.

Health Affairs: http://www.healthaffairs.org

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