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Digital Medicine

Digital Medicine: Implications for Healthcare Leaders Due Out in September

Health Administration Press will release Digital Medicine: Implications for Healthcare Leaders the first week in September, 2003. Digital Medicine will provide healthcare managers, trustees, physician leaders, health plan managers and technology investors with a vision of clinical information technology's impact on the health system over the next ten years. The book will contain a foreward by John Glaser, PhD., Chief Information Officer of Partners Healthcare System in Boston.

Federal Health Information Policy: What Lies beyond HIPAA

In early July, 2003, Jeff Goldsmith, David Blumenthal of Harvard Medical School and Wes Rishel of Gartner published a paper in Health Affairs, the nationls leading health policy journal, entitled "Federal Health Information Policy: A Case of Arrested Development". This paper argues that federal action is needed to speed the implementation of digital clinical information systems in the nation's hospitals and physician practices. Specifically, the paper advocates federal subsidies for digital conversion, as well as aggressive efforts to standardize electronic clinical systems to assure that systems in different institutions can "interoperate" successfully. It can be accessed on Health Affairs' website.

Health Affairs: http://www.healthaffairs.org - click to view article

Goldsmith Joins Advisory Board of Cain Brothers

In May, Jeff Goldsmith joined the Advisory Board of Cain Brothers, an investment bank based in New York City, that provides advisory, venture funding and capital finance services to the health care industry. For twenty years, Cain Brothers has helped hospitals, physician groups and health plans gain access to capital markets to finance their programs, as well as assisting in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other capital transactions.

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