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Goldsmith named 77th Most Powerful Person in Healthcare by Modern Healthcare, Futurist "Relieved"

Modern Healthcare magazine published its list of the 100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare in its 26 August issue. Jeff Goldsmith was listed as 77th, down 59 slots from last year's ranking of 18th. Interviewed at his Ricochet Farm office in Virginia, Goldsmith said, "This is an immense relief.  Last year was a nightmare for me. You think you're prepared for something like this until it actually happens to you.  Between the auto parts superstore openings, long lost relatives calling and asking for money and the groupies, it was impossible to get any work done."  

"Besides," Goldsmith added, "futurism is hardly an exact science.  It's a craft best practiced in the shade." Next summer, Goldsmith said, he plans on hiring Bill Nelson's publicist to help with visibility problems. Nelson, the powerful CEO of Utah's Intermountain Health Care, has not appeared on any of the Modern Healthcare lists. 

Digital Medicine

Digital Medicine enters Second Printing

Jeff Goldsmith's new book, Digital Medicine: Implications for Healthcare Leaders, has gone into its Second Printing, according to its Publisher, Health Administration Press of Chicago. Digital Medicine is a readable primer on the information technology revolution in healthcare, and how it will affect hospitals, physicians, health plans and consumers. It is available this fall at a special rate of $49 either on Amazon.com or from the publisher. Lower rates for bulk purchases can be obtained from the publisher directly by contacting Kay Muench at (312) 424-9470.

Physician Shortages and Disruptive Technologies addressed in new Articles this Fall

Mr. Goldsmith will publish two new articles this fall on hospital and health system strategy.  The November/December issue of Health Affairs will contain an article by Jeff Goldsmith entitled:  "Technology and the Boundaries of the Hospital: Three Emerging Technologies".  The article will discuss how three new technologies, regenerative medicine, personalized medicine through genetic testing and remote physiological monitoring (RPM) will change the hospital business.   

And, with physician strategy wizard, Nathan Kaufman, Jeff authored an article for COR Publications Healthcare Market Strategist entitled "Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Physician Markets Create New Strategic Problems for Hospitals".  This article explores how hospitals are coping with the emerging shortage of specialists in 24 hr a day medicine (trauma surgery, neurosurgery, anesthesiology, etc.), and examining their strategic options.

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